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April 14th, 2014 : How to Build an Attractive LinkedIn Profile

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How to Build an Attractive LinkedIn Profile

Whether you're looking for a job, seeking opportunities to grow your career, or building visibility for your business, a LinkedIn profile is essential. Unlike many other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional site focusing on business connections instead of cat photos and personal musings. Simply having a LinkedIn profile, though, is not enough. These tips will help you create a LinkedIn presence that will be attractive to employers, business contacts, and potential clients.

1. Opt for a professional profile image. A profile without an image appears unprofessional and does little to "sell" you or your business. Similarly, an image taken with a cell phone camera shows that you are not serious about using LinkedIn to build your success. Invest in a session with a professional photographer and wear business attire during your session. Your photographer will create headshots that portray you in a positive, professional manner. You can save money by purchasing digital images instead of prints - in many cases, you can obtain the images you need for less than $100. Make sure your photographer provides high-resolution digital images - a resolution of at least 300 ppi will ensure that you have quality headshots for LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

2. Choose a tagline that fits your objectives. Your tagline will appear in search results when other professionals search for people in your industry. Your tagline should succinctly describe the core competencies and should match the attention of potential business connections. If you are primarily using LinkedIn to promote a business you own, the tagline should make the products or services you offer clear. For example, if you build custom Wordpress sites, a tagline such as "Full Custom Wordpress Sites in a Week" can help you attract potential clients. A well-crafted, eye-catching tagline will increase traffic to your profile and help you build the connections you need to expand your network or grow your business.

3. Be sure to include a summary. Many users skip this step; however, it serves as a powerful introduction when people visit your profile page. Your summary should offer a snapshot of your skills, accomplishments, and objectives. If you are a business owner, it should offer an engaging introduction to your company's history, services, and products. Think of the summary as a virtual form of an elevator speech - your page visitors should obtain a clear sense of who you are and what you do in 60 seconds or less. If your summary doesn't clearly convey your core message in a paragraph or two, refine the summary content until it does.

4. Build your work history based on your objectives. LinkedIn is not an online resume - you don't necessarily need to list every job you have ever held. If you are a professional database administrator, you don't need to list your stint at Taco Barn during your college days. Make your work history as informative and descriptive as possible. Be sure to include specific achievements and mention any awards or accolades received from your employer. If you are a business owner, your work history can include information about your business as well as your role in and vision for the company.

5. Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your experience and objectives. Because LinkedIn is a social and networking platform, groups are important parts of building your professional presence. They show that you are actively seeking to make connections, stay informed about industry developments, and help others. Joining groups also helps you build authority on LinkedIn by posting information within each group that provides insights to other members.

Building an effective LinkedIn profile requires time and careful planning. If you are not confident in your writing abilities, you might consider hiring a professional copywriter to craft your experience and objectives into engaging, informative content. The business connections you can gain, though, will be well worth your time and effort.

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